Asgard Slots

The Vikings are here! Raiders and cutthroats, lead by their Gods of Valhalla in Asgard Slots. The game offers 5-reels, three rows and all 15 pay lines upon which the game can be played. Asgard is populated by deities; Loki, Thor, Odin, and his wife, Goddess Frigg. As one might expect, the theme is heavily influenced by Norse mythology and imagery. The reels are set against this imaginary, mysterious and fantasy world of the Vikings. The game has a distinctly great atmosphere and creates just the right mood for wagering.

Norse Symbols

Asgard Slots has a lovely selection of game symbols that fit the theme perfectly. You will, of course, find the four Gods; Thor, Loki, Odin and Frigg. Besides, expect to see a Wild logo symbol, a Scatter symbol, represented by the Bonus icon. There is a Valhalla symbol, and high card values, namely, numbers 9 and 10, and picture cards; Jack, Queen, King and Ace. Landing three Scatter Bonus icons takes you directly to the bonus round proper.

Valhalla Thunderbolt Bonus

Asgard offers a fantastic bonus round. To get into the round, three Scatters are necessary. Once in, you are faced with a choice of four different bonus features. Starting with the Goddess Bonus, this serves up 10 Free Spins, with a 3x multiplier. The second option is Loki's Magic Bonus, which involves getting 20 Free Spins, along with a handful of extra Wilds. The Thunder God Bonus feature gives out 25 Free Spins with both Wilds and Multipliers. Last but not least, the Valhalla Bonus round offers players 30 Free Spins with 'morphing' wins! All four need to be experienced, as they provide impressive features and exciting game action.

Wagering and Betting Options

There is only one coin value playing Asgard. Each coin is worth $0.10. There are 15 pay lines, and ten coins are the maximum per pay line. Betting ten coins per pay line adds up to $1 per line, which brings the highest betting limit up to $15, which won't break the bank! Controlling the betting is easy and straightforward. The buttons at the base of the screen allow complete control over the wagering process.

Valhalla Backdrop

The backdrop of Asgard is paradise, or rather, Valhalla, which is on a mountain. The reels are superimposed onto the mountain and Valhalla, which is the screen of the battle of the Viking Gods and your game mission.

Asgard Mobile Version

Asgard Slots offers a supremely functional mobile version of the game. It will work perfectly on a tablet or a smartphone, whether iOS or Android mobile devices. Asgard can also be enjoyed in Instant Play mode. Together with the mobile medium, the game can be played instantly utilising Flash technology and Flash players. In effect, all you need is an internet connection, and you can play Asgard Slots anywhere, and at a time of your choice. Most modern mobile devices are so advanced that the full quality of the graphics and sound effects are optimised and brilliantly represented.

Asgard Summary

Asgard Slots serves up an extraordinary gaming experience. The theme fits the gameplay smoothly, and the game flow is incredible. The four bonus rounds all have to be experienced to be truly appreciated. The Gods; Loki, Thor, Odin and Frigg, deliver a star performance, almost akin to a movie. If there were Oscars for slots, Asgard would be a strong contender to win an award. The wagering process is transparent and user-friendly. The mobile version brings out the best qualities of the game. Thor's hammer will fall, and lightning bolts will strike all around as the full power of Asgard descends upon a computer or mobile device near you. Try out the might and power of the Viking Gods, and go for the highest payout the game offers. Let the power of the Norse Gods protect you and guide you to Valhalla!