Crazy Dragon Slots

Crazy Dragon is a bright and fresh, 3-reel, one pay line slot with extra features included. Free Spins and a Wild symbol add to the casino action. As if that weren't enough, Crazy Dragon offers a high paying progressive jackpot. The game provides a great environment to wager and gamble. The symbols and theme are not overpowering, yet add to the intensity and immersive nature of the game.

Chinese Dragon Theme & Symbols

Crazy Dragon is heavily influenced by Chinese mythology and mysticism. The game symbols are similarly appropriate and include a firecracker, a ying-yang sign, a bonsai tree, a carp fish, and a pagoda symbol. With just six symbols used on the reels, the winning permutations appear more frequently. The ying-yang sign is the game's Wild symbol, standing in for other symbols to create additional wins for you. The only symbol it cannot replace is the all-powerful Dragon.

Dragon's ReSpins

The Dragon symbol can appear in parts, the head, body and tail. When the Dragon's head lands on the first reel, you will win 2 ReSpins. Land the body as well, and you win another 5 ReSpins. You will earn 20 ReSpins if you also land the Dragon's tail; thus, the whole Dragon appears.

Progressive Dragon Jackpot

To qualify for the high paying progressive jackpot, you will need to be betting maximum amounts, which also increases the probabilities of actually winning the jackpot. Winning 100 Free ReSpins will earn you the progressive jackpot! So go for those ReSpins, they are worth their weight in gold. The counter on your screen will show the number of ReSpins you have won. Most likely, you will need to win five sets of 20 ReSpins, but it is also possible winning 5 ReSpins at a time. You can also trigger the progressive jackpot by landing three of the Carp Fish symbols. The progressive jackpot stands typically at around $30,000 to $40,000 but can rise much more. In fact, at the time of writing it stood at $140,000!

Wagering the Dragon

Crazy Dragon has a healthy and wide-ranging betting options despite the limited reels and pay lines. Coin values start at $1, and one can purchase $5, $25 or, $100 tokens. You can bet up to three credits (coins) per spin. Winning combinations on the centre pay line, you will gain a payout. You can cash out at any point, and get your credits refunded.


Crazy Dragon brings home traditional Chinese symbols and an overall theme that is pretty immersive and captures the essence of the Far East. The wagering is reasonable with a high paying progressive jackpot to play for, which is the best possibility of winning a top payout. The symbols are limited, but that can be an advantage as winning combinations appear more frequently, creating multiple, yet minor payouts as you go along. The icing on the cake is, of course, the progressive jackpot amount. It is worth playing for it and aiming to win it. The game offers an enjoyable and pleasurable experience. To appreciate the qualities of Crazy Dragon, it is necessary to try out the slot, try the wagering process, starting out with minimal betting, then moving up gradually to higher betting limits. This way you will become acquainted with the game before wagering maximum amounts and going for the top payout, the progressive jackpot.