Mid-Life Crisis Slot Game

OK,OK, we all have mid-life crises at some point or another in our lives. The trick is to deal with it and move on. That is precisely what Mid-Life Crises sets out to do! With a big win payout to ease the pain of growing older.

Growing Old Gracefully

How does Mid-Life Crisis operate? Well, for starters, the game uses a 5 Reel, 9 Pay Line format. This is easy to use and fun to operate. It offers great flexibility, especially combined with the variety of Coin values. It offers some great features that players will welcome with open arms. Multipliers, Progressive Jackpot, 6 Scatter Symbols and the astonishing gift of a luxury sports car worth over $100,000! The betting options are sufficient and a $0.25 bet on each of the activated pay lines leads to a maximum bet amount of $11.25 per spin, in cash terms.


The term "Mid-Life Crises" was invented by renowned Canadian psychoanalyst, Elliott Jacques in 1965. The term stuck and is now used widely worldwide. The meaning of this term is that awkward period in one's life when an individual starts to realise his/her mortality, thus coming of age. What does this have to do with a gambling Slot game you might ask yourselves. Well, welcome inside and let's have a look under the hood shall we?

Unusual Theme/Signposts & Symbols

Not so unusual really. During Mid-Life Crises, people normally turn to luxury and material possessions with a more restrained approach bred from deeper appreciation due to our limited mortality. Not to forget humour plays a big role in the game.

The (long and) winding road sign says "Caution! Old Age Ahead.", tongue firmly in cheek of course. You get all the typical Mid-Life urges, passions and needs. These are reflected in the game Symbols. From fancy Sports Cars to even fancier Motorcycles and Yachts. There are of course beautiful women; 3 in fact, with the best of all worlds as you have a Blonde, Brunette and Redhead, whatever is your fancy. Making up the Symbol list we have; a Wig (hairpiece), Medallions, a Parachuting Man, a Bottle of Pills, a Hot Tub, Money Clips and a Middle Aged Man. A motley bunch to say the least! You even have the realistic chance of winning a luxury sports car worth at least $100,000! You can of course choose the game's Progressive Jackpot.

Ask yourself this question; How can I get old gracefully (and win the game)?

That is the million dollar question, isn't it? Or rather questions. Let us tackle how to win the game and we will leave the other question to the Psycho-Analysts, shall we? To win one must first study one's enemy. So first step is to study the game play. Understand the rules. Use the Free Game (practice) feature. Use the Help and Info Buttons to learn about the game rules, coin values, winning combinations and explanations regarding the Bonus Game/Features). This is an essential first step towards winning the highest payout Mid-Life Crises has to offer. Understand this and you will win the game. Win the game and you are laughing all the way to the bank!