Big Shot Slots

Big Shot is a lavish new slot, with many redeeming features. Enter the VIP club that is Big Shot Slots. There is no better way to wager than in luxurious surroundings. Big Shot offers just that; state of the art graphics and immersive qualities. Why not partake in the luxury lifestyle like a real Big Shot. A fantastic gaming experience awaits you once you log on, and try out the game for real. Besides, Big Shot Slots offers excellent casino features such as a Wild Symbol, a Scatter Symbol, a multiplier and free spins.

Play Like a Big Shot

Big Shot Slots has 5-reels, three rows, and 20 great pay lines. There is a progressive jackpot, to spice up the gambling heat. The game resembles a movie, and such is the detail of the animations and graphics. Get into the sports car with our high rolling Big Shot, with a sexy girlfriend, and speed towards that luxury casino. The game provides intensity and superlative atmospherics that create an incredible theme. The wagering is always at the forefront, however, with such a luscious backdrop, the gambling pleasure is increased and intensified.

Symbols of Luxury

The superstar is, in fact, one of the game icons that appear on the reels as they spin. The Sports Car is another of the symbols, so is the pretty date! There is an award symbol, and poker card symbols; numbers 9 and 10, along with picture cards, Jack, Queen, King and the Ace Cards.

Big Shot Wagering

The betting options are extensive, due mainly to the variety of coin values. They range from $0.01 to $5, and since there are 20 active pay lines, this creates a wide variety of wagering options. The maximum bet amount is a high $100 per spin! This upper limit will excite high rollers, yet the minimum bet is low enough to please novices as well.

Big Wilds, Scatter Shots

The Wild symbol of the game is Mr Superstar himself! Fittingly, it is the most valuable symbol, as it can replace other symbols when it appears on the reels. The only icons exempt the Scatter Awards symbol and the Big Shot Logo icon. The Scatter appears on the first three reels only and can contribute positively. Landing the Scatter will help to form winning combinations leading to high payouts. The wins emanating from the Scatter wins are multiplied by the amount wagered, to add even more opportunities to win a payout.

Big Shot Free Spins

The Big Shot Free Spins is triggered when the Big Shot symbol appears on reels 1 and five only. You can effectively win 5, 7, 10, 15, or 25 free games! The Big Shot symbol acts as a substitute symbol drawing in a multiplier as well. It is a pretty impressive round, which although hard to access, once you do, the rewards will be worth your while.

Progressive Big Shot Jackpot

Big Shot offers the chance of really getting into the life of luxury and riches, as winning the progressive jackpot can be a life-changing experience, such is the amount of the pot. The pot is continually bloating until it is finally claimed and won.

Big Shot Verdict

Big Shot is a genuinely remarkable slot game which has a lot going for it. There are bonus rounds, free spins, a Wild and a Scatter symbol; it’s all fascinating and adventurous. The wagering is exceptionally broad-based making it attractive for novices, and especially high rollers, with a maximum bet per spin of $100. The graphics, sound and overall experience are second to none. Considering that Big Shot also has a mobile version, then nothing has been left to chance, and players are rewarded with all options. The best part of Big Shot is the progressive jackpot, which adds that something unique to the game. In conclusion, Big Shot offers the chance of really living like a real Big Shot superstar. Go for it and savour a taste of authentic luxury that is Big Shot Slots.