The Three Stooges II Slot Game

Three Stooges II Slots
After the success of the first installment of The Three Stooges, it was a natural progression to release a sequel. Thus, Shopping Spree II. Questions arise as to whether the sequel is an improvement on the original.

The boys, Larry, Curly and Moe need no introduction especially if you have tried the first installment. We all know how funny the Three Stooges are. The crazy situations they constantly seem to find themselves in.

Slapstick Comedy

The Three Stooges are well known for their particular brand of comedy and this Slot game manages to capture that and translate it into a game. The Three Stooges II uses 3 Reels / 3 Pay Lines. Keeping the controls straightforward and easy to operate. Each of the 3 Stooges activates Bonus features. Larry helps you to win 20 Free Games with amazing prizes which are multiplied by 6. Moe offers a staggering 100 Free Games with a 10 times Multiplier. Curly rewards you with 9 Free Games with all prizes doubled.

Tools, Features & Bonuses

The Three Stooges II offers players a really exciting time as the game is loaded with great features. For a start there is a high paying, Progressive Jackpot which is activated randomly and all players qualify to win it.

Due to the simplicity of design, all one needs to do is place a bet using the Bet Button, spin the Reels, possibly even using Auto Play, sit back and relax. Once you land identical Symbols on the Reels, victory awaits.

Comic Characters

Besides the aforementioned Larry, Curly and Moe, what other game Symbols can we expect to find? The Wild Symbol for instance, is The Three Stooges Logo. Other Symbols include; Three Sevens, a Car, 3 precious Gem Stones, 3 Bars, 3 Lemons, 3 Cherries, a black and white Picture from one of their movies and an Action Board, that is used to signal filming (Take 1, Take 3 etc).

Are you going to let Larry, Curly and Moe lead you through a trip down comedy lane? Will you let them guide you to the Jackpot? It is better to laugh than to cry, and boy will The Three Stooges make you cry with joy and laughter. Especially if you win the highest payout. You could do worse than Spinning the Reels with the boys and in fact you could do much better if you allow them to guide you to victory with a smile on your face. Happy days are here to stay.