Megaquarium Slot Game

Megaquarium Slots is a brand new game which has recently been launched. It is a very exciting game with its vibrant colours and cool animations and it greatly resembles the animation of the movie ‘Finding Nemo’. This is because the graphics as well as the designs are extremely similar. The fibrant colours of the graphics and the animation of the game draw you in to play and enjoy playing. This is what makes it a very exciting game for all and sundry and it is no surprise that the game attracts you immediately at first glance. This game has no age limitations as it is a game which is attractive both to young and old.

Megaquarium Slots has 50 pay lines and 5 reels. The minimum bet you can wager is $0.50 however the winnings do not increase simultaneously according to the amount wagered which make this the ideal game for low-betting clients. This means that you can win big on low bets and that the higher the bet does not necessarily mean that the higher the winnings will be proportionately. Therefore this is the ideal game for the person who does not like high stakes but likes to keep their bets low.

The paytable is also very interesting as there is an enormous amount of of Bonus Icons which give out five different tiers of Extra Spins. All you have to do is Bet and Spin. With each spin you can see that is fairly easy to go on from one Extra Spin onto the Bonus Spins and so on and so on. Megaquarium Slots has a Free Spin feature and the clown fish is both the Wild symbol and the Bonus Game symbol. All the wins you acquire will then give out a very good payout. If you do manage to get the 3 of the Bonus Game symbols, then you will be given the 7 Free Spins. If you are also lucky enough to get the symbol of the Super Games then this will give you Extra Free Spins. Fortunately it is not at all difficult to get the Extra Free Spins as these keep recurring according to the frequency of the games played. This game is very generous with its players in that it gives many hidden bonuses and several free spins. You will enjoy playing as most of the time you will be wining: small and big winnings.

The pleasant graphics and exciting animations encourage you to play for the Free Spin on Meqaquarium Slots. An example of this would be that if you bet $0.50 you would expect a winning of $100 and if you bet $1-$3.50 on Mega Bonus you would expect to win $450. Therefore it does not necessarily mean that the higher the bet the higher the prize. Even low betters can win big. With such great graphics and winning made easy, it is no wonder that many people are turning to Megaquarium as their preferred slot game.