Sweet 16 Slot Game

This Slot game, Sweet Sixteen is a real eye opener as it has such a clear layout that it will appeal to a wide range of players. It can really be called a Fruit Machine. Most of the Symbols are actually fruit (or food). Sweet Sixteen is a Sweet filled Slot game loosely based on the MTV Show of the same name and other such reality shows as well as "Candy Crush".

243 Ways to Win

There are 243 ways to win via the 3 x 5 Reels on the screen. The game play is very straightforward and even novices to the game will catch on quickly enough. Starting with a simple card game against the dealer, who is also the bank, is a chance game to wet the appetite. Rest assured of fair play here as the game is sure not to favour the dealer (game has been graded for fairness and passed all the tests). The Bank operates one Reel, yourself the other. This game of wits pits one against the other on a battle of nerves. If your card is higher than that of the bank, then you double your wager. If on the other hand, the dealer draws a higher hand, you lose your stake. There is a third outcome; equal cards. In this case it is a draw and you do not lose your wager but live to fight another day. Betting is allowed with one coin only, but nevertheless, the Round is pretty exciting and a good prelude of what is yet to come.

On Through the Night

The next phase of Sweet Sixteen allows an increase in wagering limits get higher at 5, 10 and 20 Coins per Spin so the tempo is upped considerably. The simplicity of the layout permits a large Spin Speed, measuring scale and more room for a clear display of your balance and current bet value, very handy for smaller, mobile / smart phone screens. The background is a colourful and unusual Purple with sweets popping up here, there and everywhere. Each screen has individual palette with the sweets on display in all their glory and hopefully win you prizes and cash awards.

Sweet Symbols

The Pokie's Logo is the game's Highest paying Symbol clocking in at a whopping 200 Coins if you manage to get 3 of them in the Reels. The Bar Cards Symbol is in second plane as highest paying Symbol with a respectable 120 Coins. Sushi, Plums and Raspberries bring in 80 Coins. Not to forget that Apple, Lemons and 3 Oranges still being in a healthy 40 Coins. Actually, the transforming Symbols and grouped Wilds offer lots of action and variety.

The action comes thick and thin with Sweet Sixteen. If you have a sweet tooth, you will revel in this game which is more than just plain entertainment, but an opportunity that leads to a lucrative payout and high cash award. Give the game a go and you will see for yourselves.