Bonkers Slots

Bonkers is a British slang word which means crazy or nuts! Bonkers Slots offers a supremely exceptional, and innovative gaming experience. Bonkers provides a refreshingly different gaming experience. For a start, there is a single pay line, along with 3-reels upon which to place your bets, which in no way impedes the game flow. On the contrary, it adds to the appeal of Bonkers Slots. The game relies on the more traditional side of casino gambling, especially slots. With a touch of modern and advances in technology, Bonkers uses that and is all the richer for it. Taste the flavour of authentic casino gambling. Enter the world of Bonkers.

Bonkers Symbols

Game symbols include classics such as; red Sevens, red Bars, yellow Bars, purple Bars, as well as the Bonkers symbol, which awards Free Spins if you are lucky enough to get one on the pay line. The other game symbols fit in snugly into the overall theme. You are pleasantly surprised with the outcome!

Betting Madness

Wagering on Bonkers Slots allows a wide range of options. Starting from a low $0.05, rising to a more substantial $5, the wagering is quite broad ranging, considering the limited reels, and single pay line. However, you can place up to three coins in the pay line; therefore, the maximum bet is a respectable $15 per spin. If you are keen on partaking on the high paying, progressive jackpot, then you will need to be wagering maximum coin values, and amounts. Chips can be purchased with values of $5, $25 and $100.

Free Spins & Goodies

Bonkers offers free spins, which can be activated upon landing three Bonkers Scatter symbols. You will also earn ten free spins, and three free spins if you fall just two of them. Landing 3 Seven symbols will automatically win you the jackpot! So the jackpot is well worth looking out for.

Mobile Bonkers

While you can enjoy playing Bonkers on your PC, there is a beautiful and efficient mobile version of the game. It will work exceptionally on a tablet, or smartphone, whether iOS or Android versions. Also, Bonkers can be enjoyed in Instant Play mode, utilising your mobile device's existing software.

Summary of the game

With wagering offering such a wide variance, Bonkers is sure to please high rollers, as well as novices. The symbols and theme are conducive to pleasurable wagering. The game also offers excellent entertainment value and fun. If you manage to win along the way, then that's a virtual bonus! The graphics are well above average, and the sound effects add intensity to the atmosphere. Discover the magic of going Bonkers! It will drive you nuts, but you can win that elusive jackpot!