It's Good to be Bad Slots

It’s Good to be Bad is an infernal slot, with Satan himself as your guide and host. He will lead you through the corridors and hallways of Hell. The Devil is the main character of It’s Good to be Bad Slots. With 3-reels and just one pay line, the wagering process is kept straightforward and offers a user-friendly experience. An infernal, progressive jackpot also graced the game to add red-hot, flaming casino action.

Hell ain’t a bad place to be!

The wagering is broad-ranging, offering a wide variety of betting options. Coin sizes start at just $0.25 each, and up to three coins may be placed on the single pay line. The highest coin value is $1, and putting three coins brings that up to $3 per spin. Nevertheless, the game offers excellent payouts. As you might imagine, the Devil pays out the highest, and corrupts the most! Getting three infernal Seven symbols with the Devil superimposed onto the number, on the reels, you stand to win 200 coins if you wagered one coin. A two coin bet pays out 400 coins, and betting the maximum of three coins will net you a neat 600 coins.

It Pays to Lose!

The beauty of It’s Good to be Bad Slot is that even if you lose, the unique features kick in, and you can win, turning a loss into a potential winning payout. The game title hints at this, but Nis you know for sure. With every four losses, players gain a free spin, to even the scale and shift the balance in favour of the players. The ‘bad’ meter on the screen holds your free spins in an account until you are ready to use them.

Progressive Jackpot

Losing 29 times in a row will incredibly earn you the progressive jackpot! Strange as it may sound, it’s never been so good to lose! The pot of the progressive jackpot increases incrementally, as each player places a tiny amount towards the pot as they play. The pot can inflate upwards and ready each extremely high amounts. Once it is won and claimed, it is reset, and the process repeats itself indefinitely. The progressive jackpot can be activated by betting three coins, and betting maximum coins values increases the probabilities of winning the jackpot, so go for it! The cash payout value of the jackpot is based on gambling three coins, and the payout is 600 coins, worth $1,800! The lowest payout that can be won with the minimum bet of $0.25 is $150.

Infernal Symbols of Hell

It’s Good to be Bad serves up some infernal, yet classic game symbols. You get single, double and triple Bars, devilish Sevens, Cherries and a whole lot more besides. The symbols blend into the background perfectly, just like a Devil in Hell! In effect, It’s Good to be Bad is so addictive, and entertaining that it doesn’t need any unique game features to boost its image or popularity. The game stands up proudly on its own two feet, figuratively speaking.

Devil’s Conclusion

It’s Good to be Bad Slot proves the Devil was right all along! Being bad gets the best rewards. Imagine winning the progressive jackpot because you lost! Incredible, yet interesting. The infernal theme never overpowers the casino gambling action, yet lends that something different and fresh to the look of the game as well as the atmospherics. The mobile version is streamlined and optimised for mobile, tablets and smartphones, iOS and Android devices. The symbols blend well into the background of Hell, creating an unprecedented gaming experience. Try out It’s Good to be Bad Slot, and you will discover the power of being bad, and getting rewarded for it! Welcome to Hell!