Diamond Mine Slots

If you are looking for something entirely different, then Diamond Mine offers just that. An altogether different slot from the multitude of heavily and bombastically themed slots that seem to be everywhere. Diamond Mine is undoubtedly a modern classic, having been afforded the status due to the thousands of players that have enjoyed playing Diamond Mine Slots. Join them to find out what all the fuss is about.

Diamond Mine Magic Treasure

Once you log onto an online casino near you, the full force of the game will hit you in the face. A genuinely traditional and classic game, Diamond Mine offers a wealth of symbols, bonuses, features and other goodies. You will be pleasantly surprised with the quality of this exceptional slot. The graphics and sound effects complete the overall picture that is Diamond Mine.

Diamonds Are Forever

Diamond Mine offers a selection of lovely and appropriate game symbols to grace the reels. The real advantage that Diamond Mine provides is the straightforwardness of the gameplay and wagering process. With 3-reels, and a solitary pay line upon which to place your bets, which means you can wager fast and quick, and attract wins just as quickly.

Diamonds, and other Symbols

Diamond Mine has some exciting game symbols which are also classics. Sevens, Bars of different colours, Dollar signs, Diamonds, of course, and some other less essential symbols. The ones above are, however, the higher paying ones, so it’s worth looking out for them as you play Diamond Mine.

Wagering Options & Coin Sizes

When playing Diamond Mine, you can rest assured there are spice and variety in the betting options. The betting options allow for a maximum of three coins to be wagered on the single pay line. The coin sizes start from a low $0.05, rising to $5, which creates a maximum bet of $15, with a minimum of just $0.05. This broad spectrum attracts novices and high rollers at the same time.

The Ultimate Prize

The highest payout that Diamond Mine offers is a hefty 2,500 coins. If you are betting maximum coin values, this will attract a cash winning of as much as $12,500! Betting the maximum coins and coin values increase the probabilities of winning the highest payout. Diamond Mine allows players to cash out winnings at any point in time while playing the game.

Keeping it Simple

Diamond Mine does not have a Wild or a Scatter. Neither does it rely on bonuses or free spins. The game has more than enough to offer without such gimmicks or cosmetics used to cover up a game’s deficiencies. Diamond Mine has none; otherwise, it would not have become a classic. All the players who are loyal to this game, and there are loads, can’t all be wrong. Entering into the bowels of the planet can reveal rich pickings in the form of hidden gemstones and precious metals.

Mobile Madness

Diamond Mine has an excellent mobile version which comes fully optimised and modified to fit mobile screens. Both tablets and smartphones work wonders with the game, bringing out the best of qualities of the game. Factoring in Instant Play mode with the mobile experience and you have an entirely innovative way of playing at your complete leisure.


With a loyal following, Diamond Mine has thrilled and excited thousands of fans since its release. The game’s appeal lies in its ability to keep the casino gambling action Simple, straightforward and entertaining. The wagons at the base of the screen, below the reels, house the control buttons which allow customisation of the wagering and gameplay in general. The symbols are limited; however, this is by no means a drawback, on the contrary, it’s an advantage, as it keeps the focus on the gambling; where it matters.