Lucky 6 Slot Game

The pot at the end of the Rainbow awaits you and the Leprechauns will lead you there. Lucky 6 is a premium slot game with a lovely theme. Loaded with Special Features and great opportunities to win the Lucky 6 top paying cash award.

This innovative and appealing game, Lucky 6 brings lots of action to the (small) screen. Packed with Free Games, generous Multipliers, Bonus Features and Gifts. With a 5 Reel play system incorporating 10 (variable) Pay Lines offers great flexibility of wagering options. Payouts are both ways which also ups the tempo since Lines 1 to 5 pay from left to right and lines 6 to 10 pay from right to left.

Leprechauns & Magic

Leprechauns are everywhere to brighten up your game play and spice things up. The Lucky 7 Symbol is the game's Scatter. Endowed with special powers. These include; triggering the Bonus Round once you land 4 on the Reels. Some other character Symbols that appear in Lucky 6 are mainly Leprechaun based with various letters adorned with green, Irish symbolism; namely L, U, C, K, Y and the numeral 6: spelling out Lucky 6! There is also a Cauldron full of Gold, the (Wild) Rainbow, the Leprechaun and a pair of green, Leprechaun Boots.

Goodies in the Bag

Lucky 6 more than makes up for the lack of a Jackpot in the game. To replace it, a large quantity of Free Spins and Bonuses are gifted making the game even more exciting and engaging.

What else can one expect from Lucky 6? The game controls are extremely user friendly and easy to operate. All the right Buttons and features are prevalent to enable your game playing experience to be as seamless as one would desire.

End of the Road

The end of the road is when you either win or give up. Which will it be? With a solid strategy in place you cannot fail and will eventually succeed providing you harbour persistence and resilience. Two qualities that despite being similar, though not identical are essential to success in the long run. True, you could get lucky (6) and win the highest payout soon rather than later but better to plan for the worst and hope for the best, that way you are covered all round. Using the game features through the game Buttons is this strategy. The info, instructions, Pay Table, Symbol configurations and payouts have to become second nature. This can be done free of charge, so there is no excuse for not doing this, along with using the Free practice Games feature. Sticking to a prearranged budget is also a must. Do the above and you will be victorious.

Lucky 6 reeks of quality and is a draw for experienced and beginner players alike. The graphics are way better than what most games provide and the theme is really engaging and entertaining. This is a winning combination. Enter the game and enjoy the fun.