Super 6 Slot Game

Super 6 is an all way online Slot meaning the Symbols Pay both ways on the 6 Reels. There are an incredible 729 ways to win. This means that the payouts are higher than normal games with only 5 or even 3 Pay Lines.

The game theme is heavily Asian and possibly influenced by other successful, Asian-themed slots. That is not to say Super 6 is similar, because it is not. The game play is totally different due to the 6 Reels (instead of the usual 5) which makes this game like no other on the market.

Game Layout & Features

Super 6 is a clearly designed Slot game offering a lot of action and chances to win. With betting starting at a low $0.01 (per coin) and $0.30 per bet, going up to a massive $150 per Spin. That is real variety, which is sure to please High Rollers and novices alike due to the great flexibility of options.

Icons & Symbols

The Coins Symbol is the Wild of the game and as per Wild rules, it may replace all the other Symbols apart from the Scatter Symbol (Super 6). If the Wild lands on Reels 2, 3, 4 or 5 (as a group) you are on your way to a victory payout as it will create winning combinations for you and offer a double your winning Multiplier so the chances are always increasing. If you get 6 Scatter Symbols on all 6 Reels then you are in for a real reward. You can score 30 times your total wager and also a large number of Free Spins, so watch out for the Scatter Icon. The other paying Symbols you can expect to encounter playing Super 6 include, the Man, with a payout of 2000 times your bet (with a Wild) or 1000 times should you get 6 on the Reels. These are the biggest payouts Super 6 offers. Hot on its heels comes the Dragon. Getting 6 on the Reels wins you a cool 1000 times (with a Wild), or 500 times without. The Red Envelope Symbol comes next with s respectable 600 times the bet (with Wild), 300 (without Wild). The Koi Fish gives a payout of 500 times the bet if you also get a Wild and 250 times without the Wild. The Lucky Rabbit Symbol pays out exactly the same as the Koi Fish. The Scroll and the Fireworks Symbols pay out equally at 400 times the bet, if you get them on all 6 Reels, with a Wild and 200 times without the Wild. Some of the other less important game Symbols also pay out moderate amounts. These may include the Lotus Flowers and Lantern Symbols for instance. For a full pay table and explanation of the combinations and real money payouts just tap the Help and Information Buttons to bring up the rules onto your screen.

In conclusion, this game; Super 6, is clear and easy to play with some great features and healthy payout percentages. The graphics are superior quality and the sound effects and incidental music does much to create a great Oriental theme. Add to that the winning opportunities and you have a winner on your hands. Give the game a Spin for yourself, on Free Game mode. It may very well be the start of a love affair.