Lucky Lightnin Slot Game

Lightning strikes (Gold) twice. Now that's lucky, isn't it? The Lightning Bar on this game is set that way and that is the way to win. Lightning is a source of power, a supercharged electricity outage that strikes one tiny point on earth, rather than any other on the planet. That is a super lucky happening and a fitting tribute to this great game.

KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid!)

With just a single Reel and only 3 Pay Lines, that's exactly what Lucky Lightning does. Keeping the hype and cosmetics at bay keeps the game pure and stripped down to the basics. So there are no Scatters, Wilds or Bonus Rounds just a pure, uncluttered, gaming experience. It is reminiscent of the old traditional gambling machine; the One-Armed Bandit. So basically, just pull the lever and the game gets underway.

Wagering Options

Betting is limited to between $0.05 per coin, to $5. One has the option of wagering up to 3 Coins, which means you will be out of pocket by $15 if you bet the maximum coinage. Incredibly, you are in with a great chance of winning the top Jackpot of 2,500 Coins! After spinning the Reels by pressing the Spin Button on the screen, the action begins and never ends until you say so. As the Reels spin, Lightning Bolts flash across the screen creating an electrifying atmosphere. Dare you go for the top prize? All you need is 7's on all the Pay Lines.

Symbolism & Characters

This is a classic fruit game thus, the Symbols are fruits. You get Plums, Cherries, Oranges besides Lightning Bolts, Bar Symbols with embedded light, normal Bar Symbols and of course lucky Sevens. The different Symbols pay out various amounts. The best way to get used to them is to have a look at the pay table, instructions and rules. This way you will become familiar with them and know which Symbols to watch out for and go for. However, suffice to say that the Oranges are the lowest paying Symbols with 1 to 3 Coins paid out, depending on whether you get 1, 2 or 3 Orange Icons. Getting 3 Bars with the embedded Lightning Bolts is the second lowest paying Symbol with 2 to 6 coins paid out. 3 Plain Bars will net you payouts of 5 to 15 coins, and 3 Lightning Bolts wins you a cool 10 to 30 Coins. A minimum of 2 Cherries or 3 Plums will win you 15 to 45 coins, and 3 Cherries gets you 25 to 75 Coins. This is the highest paying Symbol of Lucky Lightning.

The Upper Level of prizes commences with the appearance of 3 Oranges on the screen (Pay Lines). They are valued at between 100 and 300 Coins. 3 Bars with the embedded Lightning Bolts are worth 200 to 600 Coins, and the best is left for the last; landing Seven Symbols across all 3 Reels will net you 800 to 2,500 coins. Wow!

All it takes is a few coins and some stamina to get through Lucky Lightning and come out on the other side smelling of roses and loaded with Cash.