The Nice List Slot Game

You are a fan of The Naughty Listotherwise you would not be reading this. The Nice List is for good boys (and girls). Are you one of them? Are you worthy to be on Santa's Nice List? We will see. Santa will know. Are you ready to cash in on his goodwill? Santa and his beautiful helpers are here to help make your dreams come true. There are lots of goodies in store for you in Santa's large sack of gifts. Bonus Games, Cash Award & Gifts, Free Spins, huge Multipliers and great winning chances. With a good percentages payout on top of that.

Toys 'r Our's Or Santa's?

The Nice List offers great opportunity with payouts working both ways, there is hardly a better layout and game play system. Let's go deeper into the mechanics of the game to really understand the way the game works.

It is going to be a very merry Christmas and a hot one too. Santa cannot to all the good work himself. His super sexy helpers are here to assist in any way imaginable.

Under the Hood

What characters and Symbols grace yet game with their presence? Well if course, there has to be Santa himself; standing in as the Wild Symbol of the game with all the relative powers that go with it. The Nice List is the Scatter Symbol of the game and is endowed with special powers if its own. So the Wild Santa can replace any other Symbol except the Scatter (Nice List) to form combinations that will lead to you winning a huge payout. Landing on Reels two, three, four and five ensures lucrative winnings.

The Scattered Symbols transport you directly to the engaging and exciting Bonus Round and special features. There is also a great Multiplier function that can really pick up a truckload of cash.

Load up the bet using the Up/Down Buttons on the base of your screen. Use Auto Play if so desired, and there is a Maximum bet of you are feeling daring. Sometimes it pays to be bold and daring as the rewards reaped could be astronomical at 18,000 times your initial bet, payable each way. Being timid is what will get you a piece of coal! And with 1,024 combinations on every spin, you will eventually win a high cash award if you have the guts to stick it out and stop being chicken!

The Nice List features three innovative features that will certainly increase your winnings. Both The Santa Spins as well as The Nice List features are activated by picking up 3 or more Scatter Symbols on one single Spin. The other feature is The Lucky Feature which starts randomly at the end of any normal game.

If you are a fan of The Naughty List you can expect the same thrills with a twist and a difference. Enough difference to engage and interest you. You know the drill, be cautious, be daring, be brave and you will reach your ultimate goal of winning the payout of your dreams. They do come true. Sometimes. Is this that time? We will see.