Bubble Bubble Slots

Bubble Bubble is a rare slot indeed. A classic was born with its release. It captures all the good qualities of online casino gambling with an immersive, yet entirely entertaining game. Winnie, the hot Witch, is your sexy guide. She is the central focus of the game and the essential character. Once you enter the front door of her creepy and haunted mansion, you are in for a horror-filled, thrill ride. Bubble Bubble has 5-reels, three rows, and a vast 50 pay lines upon which to place your bets. The wide range of betting options is a real advantage, making it a pleasure to wager. Enter inside Winnie's red-hot domain. Enter the house of terror, and taste the witch's brew.

Witch's Wicked Game

Wagering is simplified and user-friendly. Coin sizes start out at $0.01, increasing substantially to $1 per coin. With 50 pay lines, the minimum bet is just $0.50, while the maximum betting limit is a much meatier $250 per spin betting maximum coin values and amounts. The wide betting variance will attract novices, as well as seasoned, high rollers as well.

Bubble Bubble Controls

Playing Bubble Bubble slots is so pleasurable because the game buttons are clear and easy to use. You have Spin, Bet and AutoPlay buttons to control the betting. The Speed button has a skeleton's hand over it, adding to the horror atmosphere. In the actual screen itself, you will see the paytable, help and rules, which help with understanding the game mechanics and wagering process. The Spin button is on cobwebs, and the Up and Down buttons adjust the bet amount.

Symbols of Witchcraft

Bubble Bubble offers excellent symbolism and characters. You will discover icons such as; a Witch's Cauldron full of frog's eyes; this serves as the game's Scatter Symbol. The Wild, on the other hand, is represented by Winnie the Witch herself. Other symbols include; A Skull, a Toad, a pair of Candles, an evil looking Spider, a Magic Potion, a Crystal Ball, a Black Crow, a Jack O'Lantern, and a Book of Spells.

Magic Potions & Bonuses

Bubble Bubble has a good selection of unique casino game features that players have come to expect. There are, in fact, three distinct bonus rounds. The Bewitch, the Wild Witch and the Ghost Features. Three Scatter symbols take you to the bonus rounds, besides, can create wins by replacing symbols with a top payout of no less than 1,000 coins! The Scatter pays out from left to right, and once you get the cauldron, you are taken to the bonus rounds. So the Bewitched bonus gain 7 Free Spins for you. The Wild becomes frozen on the inner reel, effecting and affecting reels 1 and 2 to form winning combos. This round offers a 3x multiplier on any wins. The Great Ghost Bonus feature shows ghosts gliding across the screen, randomly turning other symbols into Wilds! You could win an extra 20 free spins if Winnie the Witch appears at the start of the round. The last bonus round is the Wild Witches prize, which is the most complex and satisfying. Winnie will appear on the third reel, transforming other symbols into Winnies as well! This round can create the most significant wins. In all three bonus rounds, if your winnings are not more than 10x your wager, Winnie will grant you an extra prize. Besides, if you win nothing at all, you are still entitled to a reward of 100x your initial bet. You can't lose!


Playing Bubble Bubble is an entertaining and rewarding experience. If you choose to okay on your mobile device, Bubble Bubble has a fully optimised, mobile version that will work on tablets, smartphones, iOS or Android versions. The theme is ex-exceptional and always engaging. Winnie, the Witch, makes a perfect host and leads you through the game from start to finish. She is, after all, the most potent game symbol and wickedest witch! Join in the fun, join Winnie and the ghosts on a thrilling, horror ride through the house of horror, witchcraft and wizardry. Bubble Bubble and Winnie await you.